Why We Should Live in a Van?


Don’t you want a story to tell your grand kids? Don’t you want to have a romantic tale about meeting your other half? Don’t you want to see the sun falling into the mountains? Don’t you want to taste the water straight from a spring? Don’t you want to go to places where no one knows you? We bet somewhere in your heart, you do. And living in a van just might be the answer to that. Life is full of possibilities and if you really want to do something, there is no time like the present to do it.

Your Travel Dreams Can Come True

How often do you hear this, oh I want to travel but I have this….or that? These are all excuses we give ourselves to put the blame on something else when really we ourselves are to be blamed. Living in a van is a fantastic way to travel on budget. Many of us think that travel is a luxury which only rich people can afford. The truth of the matter is that travel can be cheap if you really want it. If you are not passionate about it, you will find hundreds of excuses. But if you are passionate then you will look for a solution like living in a van and traveling in it.

You Can Save So Much

Each day we spend so much on things we do not need and food we do not like. Think how much you can save if you did not have to pay rent for a month, and the utilities that come with it? Just month without these huge expenses will leave your wallet fat with cash. Living minimal will cut down your expenses greatly and you will feel free as you will not have the stress of paying out the never ending bills. You can save up for something more meaningful like your dream or a business idea.

The More You Wait, the More Time Gets Waste

Clever people know that planning too much and thinking too much about the future is not a good thing. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? It is good to have dreams and expectations but wasting your present for it is not good. If you will keep postponing living your life and traveling, then you probably might not even do it. Living in a van can let you do the things you always wanted to do. Go complete the checklist of your dreams.

The World Awaits You

Traveling is an education in its own. Those who travel are more tolerant, knowledgeable and confident. Our world is so big and beautiful that it deserves its beauty to be seen. You will see places that will melt your heart and meet people that will put a smile on your face. In your van, you will likely go to places unknown to many people. You will hear stories that will make you cry. The experience will help you evolve into a better version of yourself. And your van will be your wheel through this journey.

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