Van Life: Things to Know Before You Start your Engines (Part I)


For a beginner living in a van can be an overwhelming experience because adjusting in a small space can be tricky. You are going to face hard choices too like whether to leave your beloved glassware behind or not? Or where to keep all your favorite books? You would want to take everything with you so as to enjoy it in your van but here is the thing, for van living less is more. So here we are going to tell you some things you ought to know before setting off on your van journey:

Keep it Simple

In your excitement you end up making extra detailed plans and taking almost everything to make it happen. However, the essence of living in a van is simplicity. So start out simple and do not plan too much. And when we talk about planning you must keep in mind the unplanned things too. On the way, you might find interesting places and things to do that you did not anticipate and if your schedule is pretty tight you might not be able to experience those.

You would naturally want to see everything and that will make you want to push the accelerator but the best thing is to slow down and breathe in some air and take your time to take everything in. Hasting is the complete opposite of what van living and travelling is all about.

Pack as Light as Possible

If you will pack everything you want, your van will be no different from your attic. It will be greatly congested and you will find it hard to move around and find your stuff. The key is to pack as less as you can and take only what you are sure you are going to need. In addition to packing light, you also need to pack smart.

You can find many tiny living hacks online that will help you pack smart. For instance, take bowls and leave plates because you can eat almost everything in a bowl. Take fold out chairs so you can fold them out when you need. Take a sleeping bag instead of a mattress. There is hardly a chance you will be attending a wedding or award ceremony on your way so keep very few clothes and pair of shoes.

Join a Gym for Showering

Living in a van does not mean you compromise your hygiene, so for showering your best bet is to get a gym membership. There are gyms that have branches all over the country therefore find a gym that has maximum locations on your route and get a membership there. You will love a good and hot shower after travelling in van for some days. And there are other facilities too you can enjoy with your membership.

Living in a van does not have to be complicated and while you might find it hard to leave some things behind, eventually you will start appreciating the simplicity of it all.

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