Top Reasons Why People Start Living In Vans


We have come across van dwellers from all walks of life and while most of them shared the same spirit for van dwelling, their reasons behind it varied greatly. It is easy to pigeonhole van dwellers into carefree hippies but the truth is van dweller community is filled with different kinds of people. From a banker tired of his job to an artist seeking inspiration, you will find many kinds of individuals. Here are the top reasons behind van life we have heard from people over the time:

I am sick of my job

Not surprisingly, most van dwellers are those who have gotten fed up of their work and wanted to jumpstart their life and live life the way they wanted to. Most of such people have typical 9 to 5 jobs that require tons of sedentary work and give little vacation time every year. These people felt like they were wasting their youth so they saved some money, quit their job and hit the road.

I want to travel cheaply

This is the second most common reason for people to buy vans and start living in them. Traveling in van is affordable, fun and convenient too. Many van dwellers travel in their van through different states on a limited budget and explore all the towns and places on their way. Same is the case in Europe, where backpackers who want to travel the continent use vans for their journey. They are able to discover the whole continent in a budget that would otherwise only be enough for a handful of countries.

I am in love

You will find so many vans with couples who are madly in love with each other and find their van the best way to spend time together and be close to each other all the time.

I am a photographer

Photographers are always in hunt of finding places and moments to capture and what better way than to get a van and hit the road in search of the perfect shot? Many van dwellers are professional photographers who want to explore and take pictures around the country while not spending a fortune.

I am bored

Bored from work, life, friends or family, many individuals find the idea of van life very exuberant and whimsical. Because it can be adventurous, rustic and cheap, these individuals decide to say goodbye to their boring lives and put the gears into fun mode.

I have a dream

For some, living and traveling in a van has been a lifelong dream. These are the people who always wanted to give van life a try and were inspired by other van dwellers and their stories. They work and save up for this very reason and once they reach their goal they hit the road without any planning.

Whatever the reason may be, people who lived in their van cherished every little moment in it. The idea of van life is so attractive that you cannot live without tasting it. So, which one is you?

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