Tips & Suggestions for Living in Your Van

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Going for those big luxurious homes is so 2000 as modern times have become more about downsizing. Houses no more than 600 square feet and vans all fall into the category of tiny living. What used to be a trend has gathered serious momentum and become a movement. Abandoning normal homes with many amenities and starting a tiny living can require dedication, patience and a bit of creativity. It can be a bit overwhelming and, to be honest, somewhat costly to get a tiny space. But if you pass the initial hurdles, the rest of the ride is pretty smooth.

When it comes to tiny living, tiny tips can make big differences so here are some suggestions:

Decorate Your Space

There is hardly any space for my stuff, how am I supposed to decorate it? This is probably the first question that comes to your mind when asked to make your tiny space beautiful. Remember how we said living tiny requires creativity? You can put your functional items in a unique way so it serves both its purpose and decoration. Hang your colorful blanket on the wall. It can be a wall hanging by day and blanket by night. Go for minuscule objects and hang them around your van to add vibrancy. If you are putting curtains in your van, get nice printed ones with colors.

Finding a Shower

This may be the most frustrating part of living tiny but treat it as an adventure. There are plenty of ways you can get a shower if you live in a van or do not have a bathroom in your tiny house. The best option is to get a gym membership and use showers there. And you know while you are there, may be work out a bit?

Don’t Leave Your Pet

If you have a pet, adjusting to a tiny house may be overwhelming for them too. But there is absolutely no reason to leave them behind. You need to help them with the transition and give them a small spot of their own. The best thing about pets in tiny house is that they get to go out more often. Your pet will get used to it in no time.

Use Water Responsibly

In a tiny house or van, water really is a luxury. You must never waste it at all and use it wisely. Living tiny will teach you how to treat water like a precious commodity and seeing how fast the rivers are drying (thanks so much global warming!) we can really use learning to save water.

Don’t Be Shy to Have Guests Come Over

You should be proud of living tiny and invite your friends over whenever you like. Yes you have little space in your home but you must have heard it is the space in your heart that counts. Also you need to promote tiny living and show your friends how cool it can be. Go ahead we are rooting for you!

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