RV Life VS Van Life


One of the dilemmas you face when you have decided to live small and hit the road is the big question, whether to get an RV or a van? Fundamentally, they are quite similar but there are small but significant differences that can affect your experience. There is a big difference of size and price so you have to look at your budget too before making the final call. Here are some differences between the two to help you make the right choice:

Driving an RV can be exhausting and costly

As compared with a van, RVs can be very painful to drive around. If you plan to move around a lot and especially through cities and towns, driving a van is a much better way. Vans are easy to maneuver and give better mileage than RV. If you drive an RV around, you are looking at a large amount of fuel money.

Van can be pricier than an RV                                                                                                             

Even though RVs are bigger than vans, they are less costly . Also, you may need to do some work on the van to make it fit for living. That is an additional cost that you should keep in mind before purchasing a van. However, you can find old vans that are around the price of an RV.

RV has more room than a van

The biggest pro of having an RV is that it offers more space and amenities like a small kitchen, shower etc. It can easily house two or three people as it is larger than a van. But because of these added amenities and increased space, the maintenance costs are equally higher. Vans can be modified to have some things that RVs have like a kitchen counter or a foldable bed but there is only so much you can do with the limited space.

RVs are charged for parking

RVs usually are charged for parking over night in most areas while vans, on the other hand, get away with these parking charges. Although these charges are not very high, for someone trying to cut down and moving on the road avoiding them can save a lot. Also finding a parking spot for an RV is very difficult.

Vans are stealthier

RVs are so big, it is difficult to not get noticed but with a van you can sneak into parking lots easily. Many people prefer vans over RVs for this very reason because they do not want to be seen.

Final Verdict

There are pros and cons of both RV life and van life and all comes down to which pros are more suitable for you and which cons you can get away with. Vans are much easier to drive and maintain. RVs are annoying to drive around and consume a lot more fuel as compared with a van. But they are spacious and if you are not going to move a lot, RV might work better for you.

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