Living in a Van: Some Important Answers

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As soon as you tell someone you live in a van, they direct a storm of questions towards you. You cannot really blame them as most people do not know a lot about living in a van. Many of them want to give it a try but have their doubts and no one with experience to guide them. Here are some commonly asked yet very important questions about living in a van:

How does one live without a toilet?

This is the first question that pops into the mind and the answer is that van dwellers use public bathrooms. Some even have small chemical toilets that are used only in emergencies. Public bathrooms can be found in parks, gas stations which are spread everywhere.

How does one shower while living in a van?

You cannot really get a normal shower when you are living in a van. You can use shower facilities at truck stops that charge some money. Alternately, if you are staying in a city for some time you can get a gym membership and shower there. You can go to a friend’s place and take a shower provided you are near a friend. This is one part of living in a van where you have to use your own creativity (Hint: Springs).

What about the internet?

Part of the idea behind living in a van is to go all off the grid but hey, who are we kidding? We all love the internet. You can get free wifi in cafes and libraries. You can always use your mobile phone’s data connection and use it as hotspot. If you really must stay connected all the time, get a chargeable wifi device.

Is it even legal?

It is illegal to park on the streets in some cities but that does not deter people from taking up van dwelling. They diffuse into the crowd and do not appear as if they are living in a van. Some campsites may let you pay and park which makes it absolutely legal.

How to entertain oneself if you are alone?

If you are alone in the van it might get boring at some point. You can put some stuff in the van that can help you entertain yourself like video games. If you have a computer and internet, you can watch movies or post videos about your van life. Reading is also a good option if you like books.

What about the food?

You can keep a stove and utensils and cook your own food. You will always find some sort of diner or restaurant to get dinner no matter where you are.

How to stay warm in the winter?

There are lots you can do to stay warm outdoors in a van. Keeping a heater is a good option if the van does not have internal heating. Put on rugs on the floor and take blankets in addition to a sleeping bag and eat lots of soup.

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