Find Out How This Guy Saves $1k Monthly Through Living in a Tiny House


We all want the secret to saving money every month as no matter how much we try, we end up spending a little more then we plan to. But it seems like Alex, who lives in London and works in a technology firm, may have cracked the code. According to him, he is able to save nearly a grand every month by living in his van.

We can learn a thing or two by learning how he is able to pull this off. At just 24, he decided to let go of his apartment and start living in his van. His initial idea was to crash at friends until he found his own new apartment. But between this moving, he started living in his van and found it livable enough to actually start living in it.

He basically saves money on rent and utilities which can be quite a lot and thus he is able to save this big amount of money. So how did he make his van livable? He installed a bed at the back and also got a solar powered generator to power his van. He also has a small heater to keep the van warm during colder nights. His van, however, did not have any running water. He would usually shower at his workplace and would not drink water after 7 in the evening so he does not have to use the toilet.

Now most people assume there would be problems parking a van in the city but he did not have to face any such problems. He was able to park his van easily around town in streets or outside his friends’ place. He was never really charged for parking unlike an RV for which you have to pay an overnight parking fee. So that is another expense he did not have to bear.

At such a young age, he is able to save one grand each month which means yearly he has 12K less to pay. With this money he can do anything he likes, perhaps start his own business or travel the world. And he found his van comfortable enough to continue living in it and appreciates the mobility it provides. He can visit different parts of the cities and crash at friend’s place without really leaving his home behind.

This is just one of the many stories of van dwellers saving some major bucks every month by not having to pay rent and utility bills. Of course, it comes with its own set of challenges but in the long run you find yourself spending much less. And van life grows on you with time as you start to appreciate the minimal lifestyle. Alex started off more like an experiment and liked it so much that he decided to continue doing that. Even if you do not end up saving a lot, which is highly unlikely, the experience you will garner will be unlike anything you have ever done before.

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