Few Important Questions about Van Life


If you are thinking about living and traveling around in a van, there must be a dozen questions popping up in your mind. And that is a good thing because finding the answers to those questions is only going to make it easier for you to get yourself a van and set off without any hesitations.

Van life is an actual thing, almost like a community with small factions spread across the globe. You can find many people on Instagram who are living and moving around in a van. Here are some questions and their answers that are sure to punch in some motivation for this venture:

How to get a van?

Well, van life begins with a van and you might be troubled by this very question. Since living in van is all about saving money and investing in a van might seem like a hefty buy but there are cheaper options. Craigslist, Samba and the likes of it are filled with vans. It will not happen overnight of course and you might have to be very patient with it. Even if you get your hands on a very old van, you should get it as with few repairs it will be good to go.

Do you have to prepare your van?

Depends on the van, its size and how much it already has. Since you are going to be living in the van, you will need to make modifications according to that. If it does not have a bedding arrangement, you might need to add one. You would want to fix in a counter so as to have a small kitchen. Use the space efficiently and do not put in more than necessary.

How much can you travel in your van?

There is no limit to that, especially if you own the van. Some people spend months on the road living in a van and traveling to different places. Others, who are pressed for time, use their vans for weekend getaway, summers or holiday season. It all depends on you at the end of the day.

Do people live in a van permanently?

Yes there are many such examples where people have been living in van for years and plan to live like that indefinitely. And some of these folks are not doing it to save money, they just love it. Once you start living minimal, you might not want to go back.

Should there be a plan?

Yes and no. Yes, it is great if you have a plan and no it is not necessary to have a plan. Van life is all about spontaneity and for that you have to move ahead without a plan. If you own a van, you can just leave whenever you like and to wherever you like. On the hind sight, trip planning can help in estimating budget and preparing better.

Is it even worth it?

Yes x 1000. If you ask this question to anyone who has lived and traveled in a van, they will say yes.

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