5 Van Life Challenges and How to Deal With Them


If you have just started off living in a van, prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime. But hold on, van life is not as easy as you might think. Living minimal and always moving around means you have to step out of your comfort zone. There will be challenges along the way but if you keep calm and brace yourself for these challenges in advance, there is no way you cannot fight them. Here are 5 such challenges every van dwellers faces:

1. Parking

You will need to park your van often at night when you want to stay somewhere and rest. If you are traveling through a city with busy roads, you might find it difficult to find a good parking spot. Also, in some towns parking a van on roads at night can get you penalty. Although with van you do not have to pay parking charges usually paid by RV owners, still it can be annoying at times.

Many van dwellers park in the parking lots of big stores like Wallmart. It is spacious and you fit in effortlessly. Also, if you are out of the city and traveling through national parks you can pay for a camping spot and park there.

2. Working

Many van dwellers are also freelancers working alongside on their laptops. That requires a stable internet connection which in turn means you may be required to stay at places in order to get adequate signals. In other places, you might have problems with your wifi connection.

Even if you do not have a wifi, you can sit in a Starbucks and complete your work and then hit the road again. You will find many coffee shops with free wifi and many van dwellers like you gathered; it’s almost like a community meeting.

3. Hygiene

Taking a shower and handling nature’s call is going to be a bit rustic than usual. Vans do not have bathrooms like RVs and hence you have to find alternatives. It really depends on you; how much you shower on average? If you shower daily, then you are going to be a little flustered everyday as to how to shower.

While you can easily find public toilets for peeing etc. you can get a gym membership for showers. If you are in the wild, then take nature’s shower by jumping in a lake or standing under a spring. You will not regret it!

4. Repairs

There are chances that your van brakes down in the middle of nowhere and you are left stranded with no help. That is a bit of an exaggeration but honestly with cars you never know what might go wrong. Just to be safe, keep a basic kit for auto repairs with you. You should at least know how to replace a flat tire. You should also save a mechanic or tow service’s number, just in case.

5. Stopping and Going Back to Normal Life

Yes, this is going to be a challenge too because that is how exciting van life can really be. You should probably try to sell your van if you want to stop. There will be plenty of interested buyers.

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