Want to build your own tiny house? Learn from the experts


Let’s face it, building a tiny house sounds exciting even to those who don’t really take it seriously and might not even do it ever. But trying to measure the depth of the water can’t be done unless you’re willing to get wet. Similarly, sounding exciting is one thing and actually adapting to the lifestyle is another.

Okay, we’re not trying to scare you here but in fact we will be covering some great tips from the experts on tiny houses (the builders and the dwellers). These tips will help no matter if you’re a beginner or have already build your tiny house and living it.

Art Cormier

Our first expert is Art Cormier and we asked him about the favorite part of his tiny house. He said, it’s his love chair (a handmade, antique chair, which could be converted into a bed). He went on to add his shower, his dining table, the place where he sleeps, etc.

In short, he liked every inch of his tiny house.

Another question we asked Art was if he was to build a tiny house again, what would be different this time. Art without thinking for a second said, he would think more about some space saving ideas.

Eddie Lanzo

Eddie has been living in his tiny house with his girlfriend for quite some time now. He has a real estate business and started as an enthusiast who is now living permanently in a tiny house in Texas.

We asked him how he decorates his tiny house for holidays. Eddie was like…”one thing we have to realize is the fact that living in a tiny house is still living your life. You don’t have to do everything differently. The only difference at times is of size. So, yeah, we can’t have a giant Christmas tree in our house but we do it as anybody else would.”

Since space saving idea is the hot topic when discussing about tiny houses, we asked Eddie to give us some of his ideas. He said, “loft beam storage”, “leaf table” and “more innovative design on the drainage system”

We asked him the same question about how differently he would build his tiny house if had the chance again. He thinks he would finish all of the plumbing before moving in. Here’s a big tip for us!

We also asked him about times when he and his girlfriend needs some space, some time of their own. He said, taking your dog out for a walk is the best thing to do at such times.

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