Top tips to keep you tiny house kitchen counter clean and tidy


Kitchen counter in a tiny house can be a luxury if you think about it. And you will need it to be flawless and clean because no one likes their kitchen counter cluttered. Here are some tips to keep your counter clean and organized:

Get rid of unnecessary appliances

You need to sell out the appliances you do not need. If you bake once a year, it is time to say good bye to that gigantic (for a tiny house) oven. The key is to simplify things. Tiny houses are less on space so you need only the things you need.

Get multipurpose appliances

It might be beneficial to get appliances that serve multiple purposes. Get creative with appliances; make use of them in areas they are not generally used with. If you can use a pot to make tea, why get a kettle?

Store fragile items on top

Make high shelves over the counter to keep your glassware and other pretty stuff. This will clear up your counter and make your kitchen look beautiful as well. You can hang your pots from ceiling hooks and keep fruits in hanging baskets. It is all about using the space efficiently. If you will dump everything on the counter, it will be a mess and you will find it hard to look for stuff and cook with it.

Store appliances

If you do not use an appliance every day, you should move it to storage like cabinet. It will not only clear up space on the counter but also keep the appliance safe.

Hang items on the wall

If you can hang something on the wall, utilize the wall. You can put up hooks to hang pots or install a wood magnet knife holder. You can even use magnetic spice holders on your refrigerator. It will give you more space and ease of access.

Utilize cabinet doors

You can even mount flat things on the inside of the cabinet doors. You can fix hooks and hang your spatulas or other utensils instead of having a rack on the counter.

Make pockets in the counter skirt

If you have a counter skirt, you can use a simple trick to have more storage room. Sew pockets in the skirt to hold items. You can place anything dry in there.

Use custom containers

Why have big jars of sugar that are always half empty? Get small containers and bags that take minimal space as bags can reduce in size as the item is consumed.

Clean your counter daily

You need to keep the counter clean. Leaving it untidy is an open invitation to germs, bacteria and fungus. The best practice would be to clean it right after the cooking session.

Organize the counter

You need to organize all utensils and appliances around the counter. You need to determine what things you need more frequently than others and organize this way. It will be a lot helpful when cooking.

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