Top Reasons Why You Should Retire to a Tiny House (Part II)


Here are some more compelling reasons for you to move in to a tiny house after retiring:

You Save On Utilities

Your utility bills are directly proportional with the size of your residency. A tiny house would require less heat, less power and less water. Every extra square foot of your house means extra money for utilities per month. Imagine how much you can cut down every year and save by not paying high power bills.

Ease of Working Part Time

According to a poll by Gallup in 2013, 61 percent of employed American said they wanted to work part time after retiring. Tiny homes make it easy for you to go out and work part time. You will have ample money from part time work to live in a tiny house. Also, it will help you stay mentally active and may be you can do something you like and always wanted to do. You do not have to think about getting a job that pays well. This way you enjoy your retirement in doing what you like.

No Frequent Repairs

One of the big benefits of living in a tiny home is that there will be very few repair needs. Since there will be fewer appliances and less land to maintain, your expenditure on repairs will be far less than that in a normal house. That is another way of saving money and avoiding yourself the stress of getting things fixed.

Exhilarating Experience

After retirement, your life becomes all about enjoying small things and moments. Living in a tiny house with a companion can be an enriching experience in its own. When you are so close to your partner, the communication becomes easy and there is a natural understanding. It allows you to become more flexible and open to change.

If you are alone, then too living in a tiny house can be beneficial as you join a community. You get to meet other people who share your interest in tiny living. It is especially good for retirees as they often feel aloof and this new kind of lifestyle can get you new friends.

Ability to Customize

If you are building the tiny house yourself, you have all the freedom to make it according to your own preferences and add a bit of your own personality in it. The tiny houses are not subject to codes the normal and big sized houses are. This leniency allows you to add different features to your house. You want to build a customized bird cage, go ahead and include it in your tiny house.

Rent and Make Money

For many retirees, tiny house can be a way to make cash. You can get a tiny house as a second home and rent it online on forums like Airbnb. Many travelers prefer living in tiny houses and you can make quite some money by renting it. And whenever you like, you can go stay yourself as well.

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