Top Reason Why You Should Retire to a Tiny House (Part I)

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There are lots thing people start to consider when they are nearing retirements. One such thing is their choice of house to spend the rest of their days in. Conventional houses are not cheap, whether you talk about buying them or living on rent. Living in a rented place when you’re earning a fixed amount every month might not be a burden but when you retire things get tight – economically! Maybe this is the reason why 40% of the tine house owners are people who have retired or are closed to it.

Living in a tiny house have numerous benefits for anyone but these benefits can be really be relaxing for someone older than 50. According to a recent research tiny house owners are less likely to face credit card debt than those living in conventional houses. More than 50 percent of people living in a tiny house have zero debt burden.

In this article we will particularly be focusing on why we think it is a good idea to retire to a tiny house.

Get rid of mortgage

There is a reason why mortgage is called as “death pledge” in French. If you are closing on retirement and have to get rid of the financial burden, moving to a tine house might do the trick for you. Moving in to a tiny house means paying off your debt completely or paying less mortgage. As a rough idea, we recommend our senior readers to have somewhere around 40,000 to 70,000 dollars for a tiny house.

Moving around to your favorite spots

This is one of our favorite benefits of living in a tiny house. You can actually move around while living permanently in your house. So, if you have always dreamt of living at the sea side or close to the forest, it’s always achievable with a tiny house on wheels. We advise our readers to go for the tiny house on RVs because they are better suited for long-term. Another one would be to keep your movement to a minimum because no matter what type your tiny house is, it is not built to sustain continuous movement. Change your position but not more than twice a year.

Closer to family

Retiring to a tiny house means a lot of flexibility in your lifestyle. It also means that it can get lonely if you’re living at a secluded place. So, if possible build your tiny life near to the loved ones. You can visit them occasionally and invite them at your place for an outdoor barbeque or something.

Keep it simple

If you have less stuff in your tiny house you will be spending less time keeping it organized. An overstuffed tiny house can be a nightmare. So, when building yours, make sure that you have less things and they are not scattered but organized.

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