Why she sold everything & embraced a tiny house


Tiny housing is the way to go now. There has been quite an influx of people who have given up their

villas and large houses to take shelter and live in tiny houses. The inspirations might be different for all

of them but there was one thing common among them. It brought them closer to their own selves.


Today we will share with you a story from one such lady who gave up her property, sold everything to

end up in a tiny house of her dreams. You will be surprised to know the reasons that brought about this



Lauren J. Martin, a business entrepreneur shares her story about how she moved to a tiny house after

having gotten fed up of moving from one house to another. She shares with us how it has changed her

life for good and why she insists to continue with it.


It all started when Lauren started suffocating from excessive and as she says “useless” stuff in her

apartment. It kept distracting her and held her back from moving forward with what she really wanted

to do with her life. It became quite unbearable and prompted her next move of shifting to a tiny house.


Lauren decided to sell each and everything that she had. From clothes to kitchen accessories to bath

room and living room stuff, everything was up for grabs. The sale was held in her yard and there was so

much stuff that she even donated loads of it.


She says it made her feel lighter every time an item was sold until she could finally breathe freely after

having sold all the stuff.


How different is it in a Tiny House

After having sold all the stuff and household accessories, Lauren moved with her boyfriend into a house

on wheels as big as 220 sq. ft. They went for redesigning a travel trailer instead of going for a new one.

The decision was prompted by financial limitations.


Lauren shares with us how different it is to live in a tiny house than living in a fully furnished

apartment. How it had changed her perception about life and why the idea of giving up

everything just for a tiny house was so amazing.


No Concerns about People’s Words

She says it helped her listen to her inner self. No longer did she care about what people might

think of such a renowned blogger who gave up everything for logically vague reasons. She says

she felt freer than ever and it was an amazing feeling.



Lauren believes that it made her more contented and satisfied. She is more appreciative of the

things that she owns now.



Living in a tiny house made her more honest with herself. It is probably the biggest gifts one can

have. She was able to listen to her heart and follow it because she wanted to be honest with



Lauren summed up the discussion brilliantly by saying that experiences and people cannot be

replaced but things can be.

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