Tiny House or Camper?


Tiny living aspirants many times run into one of the most common quandaries of the tiny living world: should I get a tiny house or a camper? While tiny houses are essentially houses, campers and trailers are modified for living and turned into a tiny house on wheels. Both have their own unique benefits and it comes down to which pros you prefer. To better understand the difference between the two let us look at the advantages of each:

Tiny House Benefits

  • Tiny houses are proper houses with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, front porch etc. People who go for tiny houses as opposed to campers prefer to have a more homely feel to their tiny residence.
  • Tiny houses are more sturdy, well constructed and spacious as compared with vehicle based housing.
  • If you are going to live in tough climates, then tiny house can provide the necessary protection. These houses are generally weather proofed. The builder can choose the type of insulation to equip the house with and the heating or cooling effect in accordance with climate of that particular area.
  • With tiny houses you get to choose the material used in building it. This allows you the chance to build it from non toxic environment friendly materials.
  • There are a lot of options for customizing your tiny house. Whether you want a classic look or inspired by some architectural era or culture, the freedom to customize it allows you to follow your desires.

Camper or Trailer Benefits

  • The highlighting difference and benefit of a camper is the mobility it provides. The camper is designed to move around so it can easily be driven around as compared with tiny houses which are hard to move.
  • Campers are legal and therefore easily insured everywhere whereas tiny houses can be a little difficult to make and insured as there are codes and regulations to follow.
  • Recreational vehicles are less costly than a tiny home and can easily be found online. This is ideal for those with limited finances as one can buy a used old camper for a few thousand dollars.
  • Campers and trailers are not as distinctive as a tiny house and get blend in pretty well.

Which is better?

If you look closely, there are more similarities than there are differences. At the end of the day, it comes down to you and your preferences. Tiny houses, although tiny, are bit larger than a camper and will provide you with more space. Campers on the other hand, are quite easy to move and are good if you want to combine traveling with living. Both options are ideal for those trying to downsize and stretch the dollar.

There is a middle road too in this scenario with trailers that have been flipped into tiny houses. They have the wheels and essential feel of a camper but look exactly like a tiny house. Through this option you get the flavor of both kinds of tiny living.

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