Tiny House Movement Is Only Going to Get Bigger


Although tiny house movement has been present for quite some while, it is really getting a spotlight now in the mainstream media and online world. There is evidence that this movement is only going to spread far and wide in the near future. Here are 5 reasons why tiny house movement is going to get bigger and stronger:

Economic Volatility

The financial crisis of 2008 had many people lose their years of earnings and savings and they also lost their houses. This terrible crisis led people to reconsider how they viewed their wealth and the economy of the world. Ever since then, the economy of many countries started suffering greatly and the real estate prices in major metropolises skyrocketed. People have been spending a large part of their incomes on mortgages. Now people are gradually moving towards tiny houses as they are cheaper and easier to build. Even in a volatile economy, they do not have much to fear with their own house. More and more young people will reconsider buying big homes and opt for tiny houses instead to save them from any unforeseen crisis.

Environmental Impact

Climate change has become a serious threat and people are realizing the detrimental impacts it will have on our future. As people try to evaluate their lifestyle, they will likely waver towards a tiny house. These houses run on minimum amount of power, require way less heating and water than a conventional house and therefore the impact on environment is minimized. They are easy to power with renewable energy too like wind mills or solar panels.

More Control

Back in the 50s, there was a boom in suburbia development mostly due to cheaper energy and we saw the consumer behavior drive towards bigger houses. This was happening in many developed countries and of course with big houses, people were required to spend big on filling them and maintaining them. But with rising inflation this dynamic is changing and millennials are moving towards downsizing. They want to take control of their finances and use money for themselves in productive ways rather than hoarding material wealth.

Search for Happiness and Freedom

People spend six days working and one day resting. They spend hours commuting from far away suburbs to the cities for work. They do not have time for their families, friends and most importantly themselves. This is a major reason why depression is so prevalent in all ages today. As people will realize the importance of relations, friends and personal freedom, they will move away from their hedonistic lifestyle and tiny living would only see boom.

New Trend

Tiny house movement is a trend in its own and many people are part of it for this particular reason only. As more people will learn about tiny living and its many benefits they would want to hop on and follow the new trend. Today’s young generation wants to try out things outside the box and there is no doubt about them wanting to try living in unconventional ways.

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