The Psychological Effects of Tiny Living


All the blogs and posts you read from tiny house owners draw such rosy picture about the life lived in a tiny house that one is left to wonder if it is too good to be true. The more you dig in, the more you realize that tiny house dwellers are indeed very satisfied with their lifestyle. In a world where big is synonymous with luxury and comfort, how can such a small house give someone so much joy? The answer is in the psychology of a tiny house.

Dream Come True

Most people in America dream of owning their own home one day. For tiny house dwellers, this dream very much comes true. Their houses, usually made on flatbed trailers, are also legal since they classify as an RV because of their mobility. These houses are inexpensive to build making home ownership possible for many people who otherwise would not be able to own a house without drowning in large debts. No matter how small, tiny houses are houses at the end of the day as they have a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. So the owner always deems it as a house that he can call his own and that has tremendous positive effects on his mental health.


Now that the tiny movement has gotten stronger due to exposure on mainstream media with shows dedicated to tiny living and the countless blogs online, people are getting attracted to the simple lifestyle. Moving into a tiny house means downsizing and letting a lot of things go. The simpler lifestyle has a positive psychological effect on these individuals and they see the ‘less is more’ culture in a new light.

Tiny houses are easier and cheaper to maintain so the inhabitant is less prone to anxiety of bills and expenses. People with even a small apartment are challenged with financial problems all the time resulting in depression and bad mental health. Tiny house dwellers, on the other hand, are more occupied to be worried about bills. Besides the lower living costs, tiny houses bring the person in this unique fold of minimal lifestyle advocates. They communicate with each other on so many different forums and feel as part of a community. This community development gives them the confidence to take ownership of their life choices and they stay happy and contented.


For those of us who are very cautious about their impact on the environment, tiny houses provide a surety that they are not damaging the environment. Tiny houses consume a lot lesser power than a normal house and therefore have a minimal impact on environment. As they make a shift to tiny living, the owners have a sense of satisfaction that they are contributing to the global movement of going green.

So next time a tiny home owner tells you he is really satisfied with his life, you would know why. The simple lifestyle of the members of this community keeps them away from all that stress many of us deal with on a daily basis.

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