Some Pre-Requisites of Living in a Tiny House


A tiny house may not be for everyone, living in a house that is just as big as your bedroom may not be an easy task. We all have a habit of living in relatively fair sized houses and then to move in house that is just under 200 square feet can be a difficult thing to do. But for those who have come good with living in these tiny houses there are quite a few benefits of it.

“Living Small” the Benefits

There are quite some benefits of “living small”. These benefits are as under.

  • Minimum space to clean
  • No more unnecessary clothes
  • The broken or unused appliances have no place
  • Energy bills reduction
  • Food will be fresh for daily consumption
  • Contribute more towards a greener environment
  • Outdoor activities will be frequent
  • If your house is towable there is no need to sell it.

What will be perfect for you, building your own home purchasing a new or a used one?

There are kits available that are equipped with all the equipment necessary to build a tiny house and also the instructions are given on how to build it. If you are looking to save some extra pounds the cheapest option available is a used but well-maintained RV or travel trailer. There is also an option to go for a tiny house already designed or constructed but you will not be able to customize it according to your needs and wants.

Cut down on your belongings

We usually wear about 20% of our total clothes therefore there is no need to continue with all the clothes when “living small”, making matters quite simple. With fewer clothes comes less laundry as well. There is no need of having 2 TVs, 3 DVDs and a couple of game stations plus a computer, instead the computer can perform all these functions for you and also help in energy reduction.

Being creative about the storage and multi-purpose furniture is the key

The key to living small is the complete utilization of the space that is available at your disposal. While living in a traditional house it is not so important to make use of all the space that is available but when going small or when you just have a few square feet to work with, it becomes the important.

You could adapt to some very creative ideas about where and how to keep your stuff. The multi-purpose furniture can help you a great deal in this regard. It can also be used to keep your things in. The space under the bed can be utilized or under the sofa space can also be handy to keep your stuff in. you can also use a table that slides in and out of a wall fixture just to give you the extra space that you require.

Living in a tiny house can be really difficult for people but for the people who have adapted to this habit can benefit a lot from it.

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