Some More Space-Saving Ideas For Your Tiny House


The only thing that is permanent in this world is change. The trends of the world keep on changing from time to time, so does the trends of our living. People use to live in huge houses in the past but now a new concept is taking over and this concept is the living or surviving in a tiny house.

More and more people are inclined towards the idea of living in a tiny house and this change is brought about because of a lot of factors. Primarily to cut on the living cost and for the purpose of saving they do so.

Forget tiny house living, even people living in conventional, bigger houses have to face a common problem – How to get more storage space?

But when you have a tiny house it just makes matters worse. Since the space to keep your stuff is just way too limited therefore you are left with not many options. It largely depends upon the design of the tiny house that makes it more spacious. Some of the design ideas that you may want to adapt for your tiny home are discussed below.

Grow and shrink your counters

Installing a big counter is not the perfect plan when you are living in a tiny house, the counters should be small and there should be sliding blocks attached that can move in and out of the counter to give you more space. The sliding blocks can be slide out when needed.

Put your stuff under a bench

A bench can be the perfect solution to compliment your tiny house. Just by attaching an outdoor door to it can give you the extra space you want in your tiny house.

Trap Door

There is always space underneath the floorboards which often goes without much of a notice. But if just a sliding door is made on top of it, the utilization becomes quite good. You can keep the stuff that you do not use often in here.

A sliding table

Just like a sliding drawer this sliding table can prove to be very handy if you are residing in a tiny house and do not have that much of a space to your disposal. The sliding table will only be used when required and free quite some space when not in use.

Where to install the sheet panels

There is always some space under your lower cabinets which is mostly of no use. It can be rather be utilized by installing sheet panels and skillets.

A ceiling shelf

The ceiling is the part of the house that is never considered to keep stuff in. but thanks to the drop down fixture from the ceiling which has three levels where you can easily keep your stuff and that too without the risk of these items falling down even when you raise or lower it.

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