Few Tiny House Designs Worth Stealing


According to the U.N, approximately 70 percent of the world’s population will start to live in cities by 2050. The people will not prefer living in a rural area. As we see now the density of the people living in the urban areas is quite on a higher side. Therefore all of them cannot afford to live in large penthouses because of the space available.

In a city like New York where the cost of living is already touching the sky, people are more inclined to live in small or tiny houses.  Since there is no other option for them than to live in a tiny house therefore the residents and the designers are busy in finding exceptional ways to decorate and design their tiny houses. Still not able to decide whether to move in a tiny house or not, the following designs can assist in the decision making.

My Micro NY

A city-sponsored competition known as adAPT NYC, was held between different designers and developers who were asked to design a micro-apartment that could accommodate one or two persons. The winner of the competition as announced by the Mayor Michael Bloomberg in January was My Micro NY.

Every unit in this 55 story building will be of 370 square feet, with a lot and natural light and pretty tall ceilings. The multipurpose furniture adds more to the look of this apartment and you can easily transform your living room into your bedroom and vice versa when required.


If you are the adventurous or the explorer types the house on wheels or the mobile house is just the perfect pick for you. Unlike the traditional houses, when you have a low space at your disposal (approx under 200 square foot) it is fairly easy in being portable. The ProtoHaous is a 125 square foot home built on wheels with recycled and reclaimed materials. The features that this house has on display are

  • Separate freshwater
  • Grey water and black water (for remote removal and disposal of waste)
  • Solar and Wind Systems (to produce energy)
  • Lofted bedroom (capacity to accommodate queen-size mattress)

Unfolding Apartment

As the name suggest it actually unfolds to become an apartment, designed by Normal Projects one can never really guess the space available is only 450 square feet with these apartments. There is an oversized cabinetry piece that is inserted in one wall with all the necessary things as a usual apartment in it. These things include

  • Bed
  • Nightstand
  • Closet
  • Kitchen Storage etc.

Lofted East Village Studio

The space of these apartments is less than 500 square feet but it never looks like it, it looks quite bigger, the reason being the lofted ceilings. The designers have utilized all the vertical space available to them and created this gem of a tiny house. All the daily necessities are on a wooden panel at one end e.g. kitchen storage, bathroom, bedroom etc. leaving a lot of empty space.

Tiny Texas Houses

The tiny Texas houses is the company that believes in producing tiny houses with repurposed materials. The space available is 250 square feet and the features include

  • Sitting room
  • Mini Kitchen
  • Stand-up shower in bathroom
  • Lofted bedroom

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