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Tiny homes are on the rise as people are searching for ways to live simpler. There’s definitely an adjustment period to successfully transition from a regular home to a tiny one, but still, those devoted to the lifestyle are dedicated to making this change successful.

Moving into a tiny home can be stressful, mostly because of having to downsize. To go from a large space to a much smaller one means to get rid of a few things. Well, a lot of things. It may be hard to detach from certain items, but once you do it, it’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, similar to a cleansing.

Some of the tiny homes out there are pretty amazing. These can be built from scratch or purchased from a developer. Like purchasing a home, you should have a budget detailing how much you want to spend on this project. Tiny homes are expensive to build, some spend as much as $35,000 to build their home. It sounds like a lot, but when you think about the land purchase and the costs for materials and labor, it really isn’t. Still, the long term costs of a tiny home compared to a regular home are much lower in terms of electricity, water, etc.

Building the home yourself, you can save money by using recycled or used materials. These can easily be found online or in your typical home improvement stores. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice your entire house to used materials, it’s okay to splurge in some areas, especially if it’s an amenity that is important to you.

Those interested in building their own tiny home choose to “tape down” the home to visualize what it will look like. For example, if building the home on a trailer, you can mark specific areas using tape to help get an idea of how much space is being used. This also gives you an idea of how much space you have as well.

Don’t forget to use the walls, especially in the kitchen. You can prevent clutter buy using the walls and even the ceiling to hang utensils, pots/pans, etc. The walls are also a perfect places for shelves to place books, special tools, or photographs. Did you know that mirrors help make rooms appear larger than they are? A few mirrors can make your tiny home appear larger than life. Don’t hesitate to place a couple of them around the house.

Get inspired! Check out these amazing DIY tiny homes:

The Tiny Lake House: This house is 300 sq. ft. and includes a bedroom/bathroom, dining and living area, and a kitchen.

MiniMotives: Beautiful tiny home and newly renovated, too!

Tiny House in the Backyard: A health scare inspired her to build her cozy tiny home. A job well done.

The Gifford: This is a tiny home on wheels. Awesome idea for those who enjoy road trips.

Remember, like any project, be sure to have a to-do list that allows you to space out each tasks giving you breaks in between. The important thing is that you enjoy building your dream home.


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