Organizing, Decorating, Designing Your Tiny House – Few Surefire Tips


Cutting down space consumption and moving to a tiny house can be challenging sometimes. However, you should know that you can do just as much with your new house as you did with the previous one. Tiny house designing and decoration has become a serious business and you will find a lot of people talking about it on the internet.

Today, we will see some of the coolest house organizing and decoration tips and tricks you can accommodate inside your tiny house. These are almost guaranteed to work and won’t cost you much so it’s a win-win situation here today. Here are some amazing house tips for your tiny house.

Space Friendly Boxes

Storage is probably the biggest problem in a tiny house. Storage boxes are available in both fabric and hard-sided designs that can fit to most of your storage needs. You can find them easily in the markets as well as through online shopping. Fabric boxes are good for storing clothes while hard sided ones are great for more delicate items. You can paint and decorate these boxes according to your house design to add beauty and order to your tiny house.

Slip-Under Storage Drawers

Organizing tiny items which you might use on daily basis can be stored in shallow drawers. The purpose is to be able to slide the drawer under the table or you bed. Another reason why we suggest it should stay close to the ground is that you will also get some exercise while bending down to pick up your stuff.

Hanging Storage

Your tiny house is really tiny. So you have to use each and every cubic centimeter of space wisely. It’s not only the floor where you can accommodate stuff. Try hanging storage in form of light baskets. You can store newspapers and other common papers and even your car keys in these baskets. It can help you save some valuable space on the floor.

Organize your Entrance

The first thing you might do after entering the house is hang your car keys and your coat. Place a key holder and a coat hanger close to the entrance. A hook in the wall or may be a few more would be sufficient so you are not consuming too much of space.

Sneak in the Books

There’s no need to bring in that large book shelf in your tiny house. It won’t probably fit in anyways so you might have to think of other options for book storage. Just so that you have easier access to them all the time, you shouldn’t be storing them inside boxes in a pile formation. If you find any empty space which you feel is getting wasted, fit in there as many books as possible.

Safe Boxes

There are decent sized safe boxes available in the market that can hold your important documents, pictures, DVDs and even a USB Stick. Buy one to keep your secrets with you all the time. The best part is that they have exceptional security and are quite durable.

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