All About Beautifying Your Tiny House


Do not think your tiny house cannot be a stylish space just because it is small. Yes, decorating a small space filled with stuff may be a tricky one but not impossible. And since tiny living is all about saving your buck, you can try some DIY stuff that cost absolutely no money. Beautifying a tiny house may require some creativity as to how you use your usual things. Here is everything you need to know in this matter:

Entrance makes the statement

At some point, you are going to have guests over and if you want to make an impression you have to focus on the entrance. You can keep a funky welcome mat or use decorative baskets for mail or keys. A bit of vibrancy around your door will instantly tell your guest that when you moved into your tiny house you did not leave your style and creativity behind. Many people keep small plants around the entrance which can serve as decoration too. You have to make sure you do not go overboard with this and make the space cramped up with big pots or large wall hangings on the entrance and learn to use the right size for the right space.

Use your usual furniture and belongings as decorations

This is where your creativity and smartness will kick in. Since you are pressed for space in a tiny house, you can use what you have to beautify your house. If you have a chair you can use printed fabric for it or keep one of those cushions that have edgy prints like rock band posters or newspapers. Hang your jewelry on the vases so it looks like a decorative piece. Small things can make a lot of difference, like a colorful door clothes hanger or arranging your books in a vertical spiral. You can put up vibrant colored or printed curtains if your overall décor is quite plain. If you have a musical instrument like a guitar, do not hide it, keep it somewhere it can be seen.

Recycle things to decorate your house

There are many things you can create without spending money. You can use empty jam jars for keeping flowers or you can paint them. An old crate can be painted and used as a shelf for books. Cut images that you like from a magazine and put them in old frames.

Don’t forget the walls

Even decorating a wall can give a new makeover to your tiny house. Use a wall that is most visible and make it stand out. Wallpapers are a great option to start with as there is such a huge variety. Choose a design that goes well with your own taste and the rest of the stuff. You can put a simple wooden board on a wall and keep art pieces on it. If you sew, you can use remnant pieces of clothes to create small frames.

A little effort goes a long way and you can have yourself a tiny house that is big on style. It can be challenging to use the limited space but with time you will master decorating a small home.

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