8 Essentials for Your Tiny House


We know tiny living is about downsizing but there are things that can make your life so much easier. When you go tiny, it is all about utilizing space in a smart way without cluttering. Whatever you are leaving behind, do not forget to make room for following 8 essentials as they are super affordable:

  1. Poufs

Poufs can serve many purposes and that is the reason why you need them in your tiny house. You can position them anywhere you like to sit. They can easily be pushed under a table when not in use. If you lack a side table, just put a tray or board on it and use it for keeping your coffee and snacks. And the best part is you can keep it in front of your chair, put your feet on it and relax.

  1. Stackable Storage

Do not have enough counter space? Use height to store your stuff and keep stackable apothecary set. You can use these in the bathroom to keep your bath supplies without utilizing a lot of surface area.

  1. Nesting Tables

In a tiny house, it is all about fixing five things in the place of one and how do you keep three tables in the space of one? Two words: nesting tables. You can move them out to have more surface area and also get different heights. No more making your guests hold drinks in their hands.

  1. Hangers

You use hangers to hang almost anything and save yourself from cluttering your tiny wardrobes or drawers. You can hang your clothes, hats, pots etc. There are so many DIY hanger designs available online.

  1. Baskets

When living tiny, you will find your small baskets as your big friend. You can use any size you like and stuff many things into it. They can be slide under your bed, kept on a shelf or hung from a hanger.

  1. Nesting Pots and Pans

This is another nesting item that can save you tons of space when moving into a tiny house. Your pots and pans with their handles and lids can take so much unnecessary space in your kitchen. Nesting pots and pans, on the other hand, will take minimal space and serve the same purpose.

  1. Cabinet Shelf

These shelves can double the amount of stuff you can keep in your kitchen cabinets. It also makes it way too easy to take out a plate without having to lift the entire stack up. There are different sizes available and you can find one for your cabinet online.

  1. Pull Out Containers

The plastic pull out containers can effectively utilize the space under your bed and can house seasonal things that you do not need too often. These containers are much better alternative to throwing things under the bed and inviting insects and dust. They can keep your stuff clean and secure.

Many of these essentials are easily available online for very affordable prices. You can also try making things like hangers and baskets by yourself at home.

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