5 life-changing lessons learnt while living in a tiny house


Many people wonder why should one live in a tiny house? Tiny house living can have many benefits and the impact on your life and your health is great. People, who move into tiny houses, choose to remain in them for some reason. Here are some of the lessons tiny hose dwellers learned from living in tiny houses:

We have more than we need

Most people do not realize this but they have a lot more things than they actually need for their day to day living. People who lived in tiny houses had to give up on stuff only realize that they had been hoarding them and not actually using a lot of stuff. This goes to show that most people nowadays have more things than they actually need. Things that can, otherwise, be useful for other people. And some of the stuff would be useless, not just for the owners but for anyone else. Tiny house makes you easily give up the things you do not need.

We can live with less

Living in a tiny house will show you that you do not really need a lot to live with. With some necessary things you can have a pretty decent living. You will realize you can live with a smaller wardrobe and your children can play with fewer toys. It will increase the appreciation of quality than quantity. And you will learn to make the best of things which is something that will aid you in every walk of life.

Many things are useless

Living in a tiny house, you will realize that many things are absolutely useless. The brochures you are handed in the market, the pens you receive after workshops, the packaging of an electronic device just to name a few. In a normal house you will keep them in an attic without realizing that you do not even need them. Tiny house on the other hand will push you to discard this stuff which is useless for you and only live with things you actually may find useful.

You re-evaluate your life

Living in a tiny house will often compel you to think about your life. In this day and age, we all are obsessed with size. We always want more and we get impatient. Tiny house will incorporate in you qualities that perhaps were not there in you. You will learn how to optimally utilize things for different purposes, you will learn to fix things by yourself and you will become more steady and patient.

Cold showers are not that bad

You might run out of warm water in a tiny house. But worry not as cold showers are good for complexion and bring out shine in your hair. So cold showers are not that bad after all. You just need to take a deep breath and hop in and take those cold drops of water like a warrior. You will feel good about yourself afterwards.

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