Sustainable Living Tips – Part II


The journey to adopting a sustainability driven lifestyle is not an easy one but the rewards make it worth it. All you need is a little commitment and a little bit of patience, and you are on your way to living a healthy life that respects nature for all its blessings. Here are some more tips for you to get your engine started towards a sustainable living:

Start growing food

The best thing you can do for yourself, your family and your environment is growing your own food. Sustainability is all about saving money while taking care of yourself and the environment and what better way than to grow veggies in your backyard? And there is no minimum or maximum cap on this, you can grow any quantity. It will surely help you in many ways and bring self-sufficiency. And did I mention the feeling you get when you see your tomatoes all red and plump? You’re welcome!

Create your own beauty products

The internet is filled with recipes for shampoos, deodorants, moisturizers and what not. There is always this doubt when buying beauty products that what if the ingredients are harmful to your skin? When you create your own, you know it is all natural and includes ingredients you are not allergic to. And not to mention the big amount of money you will be saving for yourself.

Utilize less fuel

This should have been on the top of this list because that is how important it is for you to use less fuel. This means that you should have one car for your entire family. Yes it would mean a lot of beforehand scheduling and giving rides but at the end of the day you will be using much less gasoline and therefore much less carbon emissions. If you can invest in a hybrid car, by all means do that as it is cost effective and environment friendly.

Recycle and reuse anything you can

We throw away things that can be put to good use and even save us money. So make it a principle around your house to recycle and reuse as much as possible. Use empty cereal boxes as containers or bottles as glasses, if you will. As long as it is hygienic to reuse, by all means do it.

Cycle around

Getting a bicycle is the best thing you can do for your body and the environment. You do not have to drive a car all the time, use cycle for small errands or may be even going to work if you live in a cool climate. This is yet another way to cut down on fuel consumption and save a lot of money every month. And as an added bonus, your calves will look great!

You do not have to make these changes all at once because that can overwhelm you and hinder your sustainability spirit. Take things slow and work on one tip at a time. Once you start benefiting, you will only get better at it.

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