Sustainable Living Tips – Part I


There is no time like the current time to start thinking about the way we live and the way we consume things. Human activities are the sole cause of climate change and the horrendous affects it is bringing with it. Sustainable living not only benefits you but your surroundings as well in many ways.

If you are here reading this article then that means you realize the importance of sustainability in life. Pat yourself on the back and read on some important tips that will help you on your way to sustainability:

Reuse the water bottles                                                                                                                

One of the core practices of sustainable lifestyle is not wasting stuff. There are many bottled water companies in the market that have bottles which can easily be reused again and again. Fill it again with drinkable water and take it everywhere you go so you do not have to buy bottled water again. Make it a habit, just like you always carry your wallet or you wrist watch, carry the bottle too to keep yourself hydrated.

Cut down on plastic bag usage

Plastic bags have detrimental impacts on our environment and you can stop using them by choosing to use a reusable bag and take it with you whenever you go shopping. You can keep them in a purse or in your car at all times so you never forget to take them. Instead of getting stuff in so many plastic bags from the market put it in your own bag. You can invest in affordable good quality bags that will last for quite some years.

Use handkerchief

Handkerchiefs are a great alternative to using tissue papers. Unlike using tissue papers that cannot be reused, you can always wash your handkerchief and use it again. If you are too worried about spreading germs with a used handkerchief, you can buy a small reusable wet bag and keep the handkerchief in it.

Use natural cleaners

Did you know you can make your own cleaning solutions? You can find many guides online and these homemade cleaners are natural and do the job right. In fact, they do multiple jobs so that you do not need a separate cleaner for everything. The ingredients are quite cheap and it does not affect people with allergies or medical conditions unlike commercial cleaners. We see different types of cleaners in the market and are lead to believe we need different for every job which is not true. You can save lots of money and save your commodities from harmful chemicals.

Use reusable clothes

Normally we spend so much on paper towels which is absolutely unnecessary as we can get the same job done with reusable clothes. Cotton dishrags can be used again and again and as can micro fiber clothes. In fact, you can even put an old shirt to use and wash it afterwards. You can start slow by using a little of paper towels and the reusable clothes and gradually switch to completely using the latter.

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