Survivalism: Owning a Gun


Survivalism is much more than storing food and building shelter. People also choose to arm themselves to protect their family and their possessions.

Imagine having someone attempt to rob your home and you have no way of fighting them off? Pretty scary. But, it also defeats the purpose of being self-reliant. If you can rely on yourself to provide food and shelter, you should also be able to protect yourself. The goal of survivalists is to survive if they find themselves stuck in a crisis for whatever reason.

While having food and shelter is essential, being able to defend your home is just as important, even if it means bearing arms. Besides, it won’t matter how much food and other items you store if you cannot protect it. In desperate times, someone who knows about your food storage just might try to steal it (this is why it should be kept a secret) . So, you have to be able to prevent this from happening. It’s called self-defense.

Guns in the home make people nervous, and understandably so if there are children present. No one wants a child to be caught with a gun they found in the house as it can potentially turn into a disaster. This is why it’s important to discuss gun ownership with your partner and create a hiding space to store it.

The question is which are the best weapons for you? Some survivalists prefer handguns over shotguns or shotguns over rifles. It varies. You’ll have to research the best ones and test them out to make sure you can handle them. You just might find yourself enjoying more than one type of firearm.

When you purchase a gun, you’ll want to also purchase lessons. There’s no reason to own a gun if you don’t know how to use it. Understanding your firearm will also prevent accidents. Chances are you wouldn’t have to fire it as criminals would rather not get shot while robbing a home. Simply seeing a firearm is enough to make them leave. Therefore, you won’t always have to make a shot at sometime. Still, training is necessary. Keep in mind that a gun isn’t a reason to become trigger happy and go shooting random people. Simply put, owning a firearm gives the household a fighting chance should they find their home being invaded.

If there’s a food shortage, you may find yourself having to go hunting, which you’ll need a rifle for. Another reason why shooting lessons are important as you want to make sure you successfully hit your target and not an innocent bystander.. Even if there isn’t a food shortage, the family still needs to be fed. Hunting allows for even more self-reliance as you’re taking control of what’s being served on your and your family’s plate. 

This is no different from buying fire or flood insurance. A gun is another way of insuring the home. If you can insure your home in case of a flood or fire, you should be able to insure it in case of an invasion. A sense of security is all it is.


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