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You might have heard about the terms ‘survivalist’ and ‘preppers’. Other than disturbing standard dictionaries, these words represent some really vital living ideas and therefore, we are going to talk about what they really point to.

With modern day connectivity advancement, there is nothing that can stay hidden for too long. Hence, you will find new terms and words popping up all the time representing something unique. Quit similar is the case with the two terms at hand.

What are Survivalists?

Relative to the term ‘preppers’, survivalist is an old term which was first heard of after the Second World War. In the later part of 1950’s when the signs of nuclear turmoil and the cold war started getting prominent, when inflation took toll on the citizens of United States and things went chaotic, the term survivalist was used as a representative for those who would take measures to survive this burst of catastrophes .

At the time, urbanization and new living model was also a point of concern which ultimately resulted in shortage of supply and un-sustainability. In such turmoil, survivalists managed to scrap their way out and live to see a better world.

What are Preppers?

It’s a new term and probably slang. Of course it hasn’t been adopted by a dictionary as yet which gives a fair indication how new it might be. However, the term doesn’t differ too much and looks like a modern form of ‘survivalist’. The need of this variation in representation of a similar situation could well be because of the modern needs of individuals in our society and of course the methods adopted for them.

As to summarize what these two terms exactly point at, it can be said that preppers and survivalists are those who take measures to provide for themselves as well as their families by analyzing the current and future possibilities. They would save, store and earn for bad times so that they can continue their life in a decent way.

What Survivalists and Preppers Really Believe

Given the current economic conditions, the time is not far when everything burns down to ashes. With the situation of debt in our country, our economy is meant to take a nose dive in future days. Hence sustainability will become difficult and you will find curses like inflation and debts increasing all the time.

Therefore, survivalists strategize before hand and have started saving for the rainy day already. Preppers have taken good steps such as frugality to cut down their expenses which will save them in the future.

These preppers have given up their credit and debit cards and have stopped giving any more to the government. They believe that the government will take them down and they do not want that to happen.

All they do now is try to become self-reliant and promote the idea so that they can become a bigger force and fight for their stance in the future which seems pretty dark according to them.

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