Some Creative Trends Emerging in Urban Farming

People are really putting their thinking caps on and getting creative with urban farming. The hefty food prices and not so fresh produce is making people leap towards it. Crops are being grown in empty…


Some Cool Facts About Urban Farming

According to the latest research and news from Food and Agricultural Organization of United States the urban farms (both small and big) are already providing food to more than 700 million of urban population. That’s…


Essentials of Living Off the Grid (Part II)

Electricity and water are two very basic amenities and going off the grid these should be your first priority. However, there are few more essential things you need to find in order to complete your…


Essentials of Living Off the Grid (Part I)

How often does it happen that a big part of your paycheck goes to paying utility bills? Even living in small houses is getting expensive day by day and it can get frustrating. For this…

vanlife suggestions

Tips & Suggestions for Living in Your Van

Going for those big luxurious homes is so 2000 as modern times have become more about downsizing. Houses no more than 600 square feet and vans all fall into the category of tiny living. What…


Making Your Van Solar Powered

Your power needs are an important issue to be addressed before you start your van dwelling. If you are going to live in a van, you will need electricity for lights, television and many other…

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