Say Goodbye to Stress with Urban Farming

Karen Washington, co founder of Black Urban Growers told The Root that you stick your hands in the soil, you feel life. She could not be anymore right as there is something unique and earthy…


8 More Urban Farming Projects to Look Out For

Urban farms are mushrooming across cities all around the world and are starting to provide a great percentage of produce to their own communities. According to USDA, 15 percent of all food is provided by…


8 Essentials for Your Tiny House

We know tiny living is about downsizing but there are things that can make your life so much easier. When you go tiny, it is all about utilizing space in a smart way without cluttering….


All About Beautifying Your Tiny House

Do not think your tiny house cannot be a stylish space just because it is small. Yes, decorating a small space filled with stuff may be a tricky one but not impossible. And since tiny…


Sustainable Living Tips – Part II

The journey to adopting a sustainability driven lifestyle is not an easy one but the rewards make it worth it. All you need is a little commitment and a little bit of patience, and you…


Sustainable Living Tips – Part I

There is no time like the current time to start thinking about the way we live and the way we consume things. Human activities are the sole cause of climate change and the horrendous affects…

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