Minimalist Lifestyle: Top Benefits


Today’s world is obsessed with quantity and is forgetting the wonders of quality. We tend to pride ourselves of material things and consume as much as we can. This only leads to stress, anxiety and no gratitude for the things we have. Why should we go for stuff that does not even make us happy? Generally speaking, people who live minimal are much more stress free than people with a lot wealth to manage. This is the sole reason why so many young adults are cutting down, getting vans and hitting the road.

Here are some benefits of living a minimalistic life that you ought to think about:

You are freer

Think of all the stuff as an anchor that is tied to your feet, so the more stuff you have the more tied down you are. Even though at first you will find it difficult to let go of things, but cutting down will only make you feel free. You will not have to think about managing and maintaining stuff you do not even need.

You have more time for yourself

Living minimalist gifts you with more time on your hands that you can utilize to do things you like and to rediscover yourself. Instead of going shopping for stuff or maintaining it, you could spend your time working out, reading, writing or taking your pet for a walk.

Understanding the meaning of happiness

All these mega billion corporations will try to sell you happiness with stuff that distorts your perception of happiness. The consumerism animal inside us leads us to believe that happiness lies in a shiny new pair of shoes or the softness of an 800 thread count sheet. But happiness lies in experiences rather than material belongings. And when you live with less stuff you realize the true meaning of happiness.

You get patient

Living with less stuff will automatically develop a sense of patience in you which will go a long way in making you a better person. There will be many points in your life where the only weapon you will need to survive is patience.

You get more creative

When you have to make use of the little number of things you have, your creative juices start flowing and you come up with viable solutions that are cost effective. It helps you keep busy and your mind fresh.

More gratitude

Surviving with just the basics can be a struggle and it shows you how blessed you really are and develops a sense of gratitude in you. You realize how people with limited resources struggle and you start to appreciate your own life and value the stuff you have.

You save money

Hoarding money is not good, saving is. By living with only what you need, you are going to save a lot of money that can be used for something useful and meaningful. You could send your child to college or travel the world.

Minimalistic living is all about experiences and most people through good or bad things realize that it is the experiences that we look back at, not the things we bought.

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