Living off-the-grid with zero money (part I)


It is a big challenge to live without money as you need money for almost everything in your life. It requires technique, tolerance and a bit of creativity to survive off the grid and off the cash. If you want to give this type of living a try, you better prepare yourself to work hard even for the most basic necessities. Here are some guidelines for you to follow about different needs of life:

Water Source

Water is absolutely your first priority and you need a space where you can easily find water. You need water for everything and if you have a proper source of water, you do not have to depend on government facilities. Underground wells, natural springs or rivers can supply you with plenty of water. You must make sure that the water is suitable for drinking and is available in both normal and extreme weathers.

Energy Production

Next important utility to ponder over is energy and there are a couple of ways you can find yourself energy while living off the grid. There are houses that run purely on solar energy but of course setting up solar panels can be expensive. You can use a generator whenever you need electricity and overall try to cut down on your use of energy. Do not use lights during the day and use only one light at night.

Waste Disposal

Going independent and off the grid requires a lot of effort when it comes to handling your waste. There will not be any municipal service to pick up your trash. You have to come up with the best way to dispose the waste without ruining the nature around you. Septic tanks and compost toilets can be constructed and used for human waste disposal. It is important that you figure out the waste disposal structure because living with waste can be unhygienic for you as well as the environment.

Preparing for Extreme Weathers

You must have necessary things to protect you from severe weather. You will need umbrellas and raincoats in case of rain and in winter you will need jackets, boots, gloves etc. Most of these things are found in every home so do not forget to take every useful thing you can find in your possession when you embark on your journey to live off the grid.

Medical Needs

Living outdoors in the wild does not mean you risk your health. If you have conditions that require constant medication, you must take all your medications with you. Also, keeping a first aid kit is a good practice. Always keep track of the nearest hospitals and clinics and save their numbers, so in case of any emergency you know where to go.

Going into the wild and starting with empty pockets is both difficult and adventurous. It can teach you a lot about getting independent and doing things by your own hands. It is important to look at your options about basic amenities as you cannot survive without them.

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