Want to Grow Juicy and Plump Tomatoes? Follow the Tips


Many urban farmers choose tomatoes for their garden as they are almost universal in terms of use and can thrive throughout the year. Although tomatoes grow best in summers, with proper care you can grow them in winters as well. There are different kinds of tomatoes you can try growing in your garden. Follow these tips to add awesome juicy red tomatoes to your garden:

  1. Plant them in the sunniest spot

Tomatoes thrive in warm temperature and in sunlight so pick a spot in your garden that receives direct sunlight and gets full exposure. Ideally the area should be wide and the plants should have some space in between to allow circulation of air.

  1. Find the pH of your soil

Tomatoes will require a higher pH, nearly 7 so your soil for growing tomatoes has to be acidic. You can find soil testing kits for measuring the pH of the soil. If it is less, you can increase it with the help of garden lime.

  1. Choose the right variety

Different tomatoes require different conditions to thrive and grow, you must choose the type that fits well to the type of region you are located in. You also need to determine what use you will be making of these tomatoes. For instance, if you are going to make paste and sauces then the paste kind would be best. Of all the types the classic heirlooms require a lot of attention and care as they are more prone to disease and pests.

  1. Mulch after some growth

Mulching in the seeding stage will render the soil cool and your plant’s growth will slow down. Once they have grown a few feet and weather is warm, mulch thickly as it will keep the soil moist and help in growth.

  1. Lookout for Pests and Diseases

Tomato plant is quite vulnerable to pests, diseases, bacteria and fungi so always lookout for that. If caught in the early stage you will be able to protect the plant. As a precautionary measure, plant few marigolds around as they can repel insects.

  1. Water generously in summer

During those hot and dry summer days, water the plants a lot and directly on the base and check soil moisture two times a week at least.

  1. Support is good

You can reduce splintering and increase growth by providing trellising. Tomato cages should provide ample support for plants growing in a small garden. You can keep tying plants as they grow with tomato ties.

  1. Prune the plants

Pruning the suckers from the crotch joint of two branches will only improve growth. These do not bear tomatoes and will consume energy that could otherwise be used by the rest of the plant. Do not prune the upper leaves too much as they provide the necessary photosynthesis.

Tomatoes are the most common and easily grown fruits everywhere in the world. With a bit of care, you can protect your plant from insects and disease and quickly grow plump shinny tomatoes in your garden.

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