Top Tips For Quitting Your Job & Living Off The Grid (part I)


Do you think the modern world has chained you down? Do you want to quit your boring 9 – 5 and live a life of your dream? Do you want to have a life that is more than just paying bills and groceries? What is stopping you? Your personal freedom is way more close to you than you think it is. All you need is to break those shackles and grab your dream life with both hands.

It’s always easier said than done. It takes some good amount of courage to say good-bye to your social life, even with all its downside. The benefits of living independently, closer to nature and unchained from a 9 – 5 routine are many but still people don’t take that first step.

If you’re one of those who like the idea of the off the grid living but not sure where to begin and how to convince yourself then please read on…

1- Be your own boss

Some people understand the concept wrong. It is not about being the owner of a large company but more about living your life on your terms. Getting plenty of time for friends and family and be able to take vacations when you feel that urge.

Need reassurance? Talk to people who are already making it a reality. Research a bit on the Internet and you can meet many interesting people already living a burden-free life.

2- Enjoy a debt-free life

Most of us take a loan to compete our studies. This is the first phase where we start to life on others instructions. Later on as we grow up, we need more money to rent out a place or buy it and then as our family grows we need a larger house and more money in the form of mortgages. This is the end of the story. Most of us spend the rest of our lives paying debts.

Now imagine the other side. What if you can build a small house on your own piece of land? The idea here is to build it at your own pace so that you don’t have to borrow money. The money you’re making can be utilized in building your own place and on other activities.

3- Do more, Work less

Off-the-grid-lifestyle ensures that you work less and live more. Even if you have a good job, the amount of money you spent on mortgages and other necessities of urban living means that you’re saving nothing for yourself. It is totally the exact with off the grid living – whatever you earn you spend it on yourself!

4- Working hard with a different meaning

Lots of people relate off the grid lifestyle with laziness. This however is not true. We have met many people embracing the off the grid lifestyle and working harder than ever before. The fact that whatever you earn you get to keep it to yourself serves as a motivating factor for many.

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