The Perks of Urban Farming


The trend was set in during the world war times and it has been taken to a whole new level. Urban farming is considered as the way forward as far as agriculture is concerned. With more and more urbanization and the exponential growth in demand of food has made urban farming more of a necessity rather than just another method of producing food.

When we talk about urban farming, there is a lot of debate about its status and whether it is taking us in the right direction or not. Arguably, the debate is tilted in the favor of urban farming considering its vitality to our future generations. For easier understanding as to how urban farming benefits us, here are some great reasons why urban farming should be promoted.

It’s Compact and Sustainable

With farms limited to an area because of other urban needs, there is comparatively lesser water usage and hence, wastage as compared to traditional farms. Consequently, there is lesser use of power and other resources. If you are tending an urban farm in your own house, you might be saving a decent amount of money for yourself.

Easier Access to Fresh Food

Unlike traditional farming where food comes from country sides and villages, urban farming allows you to get your hands on the food with more ease and in lesser time. One of the major advantages of urban farming is that you are able to eat fresher produce all the time and if you are doing it on your own, there are no transport charges that you will have to pay.

It’s Simpler Than You Thought

Urban farming is amazingly simple. In this modern era of technology, the access to information about the latest gardening methods is a lot easier. Hence, you can learn valuable gardening techniques and what does and what doesn’t work for your urban farm. Gone are the days when you had to do everything by hand. Cheap and easy to use gardening tools and gadgets have made life a lot easier for anyone to take up urban farming.

Higher Productivity

It may be a debatable point but surprisingly enough urban farming is more productive than you might think. This is one reason that many of the modern companies have jumped into the business of urban farming and are producing fresh organic products on a large scale. As we stated earlier as well, it doesn’t require much of your space so of you can dedicate just a quarter square feet of your house to a tiny garden, you will be surprised to find out how productive it can actually be for you.

Improved Health Conditions

When you are taking in fresh produce throughout the year, you health chart will always show good readings. As health is our primary motivation, an urban farm fulfills our requirement by giving us the best products all the time.

In addition to what we just stated above, there are numerous other perks of urban farming. Hence, you might be tempted to make one for yourself too.

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