Some Cool benefits of Frugal Living (Part I)


One of the most widely accepted ideas in the modern society is frugal living. It is something that had always been there but was never adopted too well until the recent years. Frugal living is a way of getting closer to nature and today in this article we bring to you some cool advantages of frugal living.

It’s Environment Friendly

Frugality is the opposite concept of consumerism. Hence, when we consume less, we are throwing lesser garbage out which indeed becomes helpful to preserve our natural environment. Saving money is one thing but this great advantage where we save our planet is the one that our future generations will cherish.

According to a survey, each American generated more than 4.3 pounds of trash in 2012 on daily basis. The report from Environmental Protection Agency stated that the annual trash production of America in the year 2012 mounted up to 251 million tons only 34.6% of which made it to the recycling stations.

With such high and alarming numbers, frugality becomes almost an essential for our society as it cuts down trash in many ways.

If you’re wondering how you can make a difference, simply start by reducing and recycling your products.  Lesser trash in water and lands will help reduce environmental pollution and you will get cleaner water and air.

Taking Out Time for Important Things

Since you shift to a simpler lifestyle, you will be cutting down on a lot of unnecessary things. For instance, you won’t be investing too much in fashion so you won’t be too worried about how you look. Similarly, if you have given up your television, there will be lesser stress without those news channels.

More importantly, having saved time from these luxuries will help you invest in more important things such as spending time with your kids, tending your garden, cleaning etc. It is one amazing benefit of frugal living because it brings you closer to the ones who you care about. Your kids won’t have tabs and smart phones so they will be eager to listen to you more than social media.

Early Retirement and Happier Life

With frugal living, you are in for saving dome handsome amount of money for your old age. It is probably the main idea of frugal living but what’s more interesting is that as you save more you can retire earlier from your job and give more time to our family.

In case you don’t want to retire early, you can continue making more money and hence saving more money for your future. The best part about it is that you will be able to live on your own and avoid any debts in old age. You will be doing a great favor to your kids opting for frugal living because if they develop the same habit it will ensure them a happier and much prosperous life ahead.

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