Raising Your Child in a Tiny House! Is It Ethical?


While tiny houses have taken a lot of people by storm, a huge influx of tiny house dwellers has compelled us to think of some important dynamics of tiny house living. As a person starts living in a tiny house, he has to come to terms with a lot of hardships at times. However, the overall experience is so intriguing that they are willing to take all the harsh conditions head on.

Raising kids in Tiny Houses

It is pretty easy for a grown up individual to live in a tiny house if they do not have any other responsibilities. However, if you want to move into a tiny house with your family, you might find people questioning your idea. They base their argument on simply how your child might grow up in such a small place.

To remove all confusions from our mind about child up bringing in a tiny house, we have some important things for you to know. We take sides with the proposition that tiny housing is ethical for children.

Closer To Nature

Tiny houses are normally found in the woods and in places rich with natural beauty. In fact, many people take up the idea of tiny housing just to enjoy the view of nature. Now when children stay closer to nature, they will be able to see things from a totally different perspective. A perspective they could never see through LED TV screens while sitting on the couch.

Self Sufficiency

When you live in a tiny house, you are totally reliant on yourself only. Hence, it gives you a sense of self sufficiency which will also develop in your child. It will make him understand that things need to be done by our own and so it will make him a better individual.


A lot of luxuries that you could have in a fully furnished house will not be available at your tiny house. Essentially, you are giving them up just to get closer to nature. This sense, if develops in your child, will be a massive plus point because he would understand that life isn’t just about latest electronic gadgets and social media.

Mental Health

It is proven from scientific facts that seeing natural sites and greenery is good for the eyes as well as mental health. Inhaling cleaner air is itself a great advantage to have. The overall health of a person can dramatically improve by living in a tiny house. This is essential for better growth of our child.

Physical Exercise

Normally, tiny house dwellers would enjoy cycling and physical activities. Some even like tracking and hiking. If your child develops a habit of physical exercise, it will do wonders for his health. Even if they are not interested in exercise, not having any other source of entertainment would compel them to take up such activities.

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