Livestock Farming Best ideas & opportunity for business part II


Before going into details of this topic we would like you to have an understanding of livestock farming. The livestock farming also known as animal husbandry is nothing but the process of breeding of animals in such a way that they can be consumed.

This article will relate to the profitability of the livestock farming business and is actually a continuation from where we left it in the first part. There is no disagreeing to the fact that as long as the mankind will exist along with it exist the need for food.  The two major food resources are animals and crops for all humans.

In today’s world the livestock farming is a pretty profitable business when speaking of the agriculture or the agro-allied industry. There are not many people who opt for this business because of its nature which is labor driven. For anyone who is interested in breeding of animals and making money from it then you can choose one of the livestock farming businesses discussed below.

Cattle Farming

We know that the milk, meat and leather products are of great demand and it is expected to rise as we move along. Therefore the cattle farming business can never grow old fashioned despite it being there for a very, very long time now.  People who are interested in cattle farming should be aware of all the aspects of this business through which they can make money.

One simple way of earning money is by selling the beef of cattle. Another way is to go deep into dairy farming (offering milk products). You can even sell dungs to organic fertilizer producers and make handsome amount of money.

Goat Farming

The goat farming business despite being there for a number of years is still a pretty profitable one. Since the goats have a pretty low mortality rate, therefore there is no need to invest in buying the goats over and over again.

Sheep Farming

Another type of livestock business that can earn you high profits is the sheep farming. The profits however are dependent upon the number of sheep; the more you have the greater is going to be the profit. But in such a venture it is important to have patience and also the understanding of all the cycles.

Poultry Farming

The poultry farming is one business that can be of great profit any time and any day. A good thing about this business is the increase in demand of the white meat. More and more people are looking to switch over to white meat instead of the red because of the health issues. Poultry farming includes Chicken farming, Turkey farming, Quail farming etc.

Fish Farming

There are two basic types of fish farming, the fresh water fish farming and the salt water fish farming. It is a known fact that the demand of fish is greater than its supply; therefore this one factor makes this business a pretty profitable one.

Pet Birds Farming

Another type of livestock farming business that can prove to be of greater revenues is the pet bird farming. In this business you breed birds to be pets and for other domestic purpose, they are not breed in order to be consumed. You have quite a few options when breeding birds which include Parrot, Dove, and Pigeons etc.

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