How to raise beef cattle and goats for profit 


Homesteading is on the rise like it has been for years. People prefer being self-sufficient when it comes to some of the basic daily needs. Cattle raising is for beef and mutton is also one of the common homesteading skills but the question is how to raise farm animals for profit? It may seem quite daunting but let us break it to you: It’s not that difficult a job raising cattle on your own. Now you can raise goats and cows not only for your personal needs but also to sell them for meat and milk. We will help you to learn how you can raise goats and cows for a profitable business. 

Obviously you might not be able to sell milk and meat on your own. Therefore you can contract with any of the local sellers and buyers for that matter. For that to happen, you first need to raise your cattle well and we will tell you how.

Goat Raising 

Goats are quite adorable and simple to raise. Except for the initial stages where you have to take intense care of these animals, goats are pretty easy to handle. They are quite a regular source of milk. You can leave them for grazing in the fields for the whole day if you want. On average, a goat will give around 2 to 3 quarts every day. 

Homesteaders normally keep the does. However, they do sell the kids. Crossbreeding, is quite common so if you have younger goat kids which are at least two months old, you can sell them for a good $12 to $15. Buyers for these goats are easily available in the market. 

If you have around three to four does, you can have sufficient amount of milk throughout the year. The milk is worth as much as you would pay for cow milk so right there is your big money saving. In case your does are not producing enough milk and there are no chances of any kids from them, you are better off selling them too.

Cow Raising

When you ask how to raise farm animals for profit, cows are a major subject in this question. As much adorable as they are, it is equally a challenge keeping and raising cows. They are not as simple to raise like in the case of goats for numerous reasons.

Firstly, they are nowhere as light as a goat. Transporting them, if required, can be quite a challenge especially if you have a fully grown cow. Secondly, to get good amount of milk from them, you need to feed them well i.e. in addition to what they graze in the fields throughout the day.

Cows are amazingly strange animals because their mood swings can be abrupt at times. Therefore, you should have the basic know how before you sit down beside their legs for milking. They can kick really hard for sure.

Fully grown up cows give enough milk for a day and once they are no longer of use, you can sell them for a good value of beef and skin. They are not a bad deal at all.

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