How to Grow Your Own Vegetables like a Pro


If you’re wondering what to do in your leisure time, we have got just the right activity for you. It is for both men and women and you will not only enjoy it, in fact you will be able to cherish your hard work in the form of fresh and healthy food all the time.

Yes, we are talking about tending a veggie garden. You can now have your own personalized vegetable garden where you can grow whatever you wish for. You can try out different varieties and some of the weirdest (but tastiest) vegetables which are commonly unheard of.

Not only will you be able to have a mouthful of fresh food, in fact, you can even start a business of your own. Sell your vegetables and earn handsome cash. There could be no better hobby than the one which earns you money.

Before you pick up the shovel and start digging for your vegetable garden, there are a few things you should learn and understand. This article will guide you with plantation of some of the more common vegetables.

Few Prerequisites:

Know Your Space

The first thing to look at as the amount of space that your garden has. In case you do not own a garden, you can grow the veggies in pots and window boxes. Make sure they are spacious so that the roots get enough space to grow.

Soil and Light

Start growing your plants indoors because it gives you more control in situation when they are most threatened to die. Ensure ample amount of sunlight exposure. The soil you use has also a direct impact on your plant health so it is quite crucial. Try using organic material instead of artificial fertilizers.

Now we shall see a few interesting things about the most commonly grown vegetables. We recommend you start from them and then move to more sophisticated and complex vegetables once you expert your garden tending skills.


Tomatoes require closer attention during their initial months. If you wish to get ripe tomatoes, the plants should be fully prepared before the month of May or June. You can even raise them indoors during winters. Tomatoes grow best when they have ample vertical space. The plant cannot bear its own weight so it has to be supported.


If you haven’t grown vegetables before, you should definitely start with lettuce. It is a one-time investment because you do not have to pull out the entire plant during harvesting. Simply pluck off the leaves. It can be grown in a pot so it doesn’t require too much space as well. It is a good salad ingredient. The amount of space you give to the roots will determine the size of leaves.


These plants need a little more space and have to be planted with a gap of at least 60 to 70 cm. they grow instantly and the female flowers then produce fruits. They grow best in sunny conditions and need to be watered regularly.

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