Homesteading Skills

some garden tools near old wooden fencesome garden tools near old wooden fence

People choose the homesteading lifestyle to get away from the pressures of society and become self-reliant. While this is an increasingly popular trend, there are important skills to have to be able to successfully build a homestead.


Every homesteader should know how to garden. Part of being self-sufficient is growing your own food. You don’t need to rely on other people for food if you know how to create it yourself. There’s more to gardening than planting seeds, obviously. A budding gardener needs to understand soil and the climate’s effect on it. This is a great skill to have regardless if you’re stocking food because that food may run out. In addition to gardening, you should also consider preserving your food through canning. Freezing is another option for some, but you don’t want to rely too much on electricity. The goal is to become self-reliant, depending on electricity doesn’t help with that.

CPR and First Aid

Do know about first aid and CPR? If an accident happens to you or a member of the family, you want to be able to act quickly. Teach your children as well. They also should be able to know what to do if an accident happens to you or someone else. A beneficial skill if you live deep in country or the “boonies” as some like to call it.  


Hunting is another good skill to have. A homesteader should be able to go out and hunt for meat if there’s no livestock on at the homestead. This also includes fishing. Again, you wouldn’t want to depend on others for food if you don’t have to. Definitely learn about carving techniques and how to do it safely. Don’t forget to take shooting lessons to prevent any accidents.

Ditch Technology

Might be hard to be a homesteader relying on everyday gadgets such as your smartphone or laptop. Some people do work for home and need their laptops for that, but it’s very important to be able to at least entertain yourself without unnecessary technology like a television, for example. This is actually good for your soul. By cutting off these areas from your life, you’re forcing yourself to focus and rely on yourself for entertainment. Can’t go wrong with that.

Create Cleaning Products

Every household should be kept clean. A homestead is no different. However, this also means throwing out chemical heavy cleaning products and create your own. There’s tons of resources online that teach how to create your own cleaning products.

Raising Livestock

Keep protein on the table by raising your own animals. Think about how much land you will need and go from there. Most start out with chickens, ducks, and rabbits. You can get the kids involved with this also, which will be a great experience as this will help them appreciate the food they eat.

Homesteading is has its advantages when it comes to becoming self-sufficient. Enjoy the process of acquiring its basic skills and you’ll be a successful homesteader in no time.

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