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Work at a homestead never ends, but neither does the fun. Still, there is always something to do, especially when the weather changes or you decide to make some renovations. Some projects help with efficiency while others may be fun activities for the family to take part in. Here are some great projects for your homestead.

  1. Create your own greenhouse. Definitely a must-need amenity to help with your gardening. This will keep your plants fresh all year long.
  2. You’ll be proud of this food storage shelf. People will ask where you purchased it only to find out you built it yourself. Make several if you can and place them wherever necessary. These are also a great for reducing clutter.
  3. Vinegar. It’s used for cleaning, cooking, and useful for many other things. It will be great to have your own stash handy. Did you know it works wonders for cleaning fruit from pesticides? It also serves as an effective rinse for meats.
  4. When the oven breaks down, you’ll have to improvise. Learn to bake without an oven and you’ll be glad for this skill. Cake, anyone?
  5. Who doesn’t like goat cheese? For starters, they’re great on salads and crackers. Wouldn’t be awesome to make your own?
  6. Earthquake proof your storage room. This one is a no-brainer. Protect your investment because if an earthquake strikes, you wouldn’t want all your food to splatter on the ground. And, this is a time when you’ll definitely need it.
  7. A solar usb charger allows you to charge your devices wherever the sun is shining. Great for someone who is always on the go.
  8. Grow from your scraps and save money. Most people throw these out without understanding they can use them to grow the crops again. Great information here.
  9. Bread from scratch. Not necessarily a project solely for homesteaders, many people make their own or are curious about making their own bread. Almost everyone loves bread and surely, they’ll enjoy yours.
  10. Where children go, a mess follows. It’s what they do best. Be prepared to clean up crayon marks!
  11. All purpose citrus cleaner. Many people are interested in homemade cleaners as they allow them to breathe while cleaning unlike the chemical cleaners on the shelves these days. Imagine how amazing your home will smell with this cleaner.
  12. Create your own picnic table for fun outdoor gatherings. Everyone will love it even more knowing that it came from your carpentry skills.
  13. A cool boot storage that helps keep the house clean. No one wants mud tracks throughout the house!
  14. A mason jar oil lamp will be fun to produce. It also makes the home appear more cozy or provide a romantic ambiance to a room. You’ll be surprised how much cheaper this is compared to candles.
  15. It’ll be hard to cook with a dull knife. Check out this homemade knife sharpener. It’s pretty awesome.

The homestead life never ends. Enjoy all your projects and don’t forget to get the kiddos involved as they would love to help out with some of these tasks!


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