Hobby Farm: Top Tips to Get You Started

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Are you starting your own hobby farm? If yes, then you must be surrounded by questions and confusions. You might be asking yourself “what to do, what not to do”, “How am I going to get started?” “Is it even possible?” etc.

Firstly it is way easier than you think. It does require some basic knowledge but once you start with farming, there will be nothing else that you enjoy more than taking care of your self-grown farm. The following tips and tricks will be useful to help you with the basics of farming.

  1. Small Scale Take-off

You will perform best when you’re least exhausted. For that you should start with a smaller project. If you’re willing to pet farm animals and grow food simultaneously it can be too hectic for you. Depending on the time that you can give to farming, you are better off starting with two to three projects a year. Not only will you enjoy more but it will also maximize your learning with least chances of failure.

  1. Avoid Debt

For a start, do not over-invest in farming. At the moment, you are not experienced enough to take such risks. Maintain a budget and stay well within the limits. There is still time before you learn the art of managing money and tackle losses. Instead of seeking loans, save money for purchasing any expensive equipment. It will require serious planning so you are better off doing your homework first.

  1. Don’t Expect Wonders

Since it’s a ‘hobby’ farm, you shouldn’t be expecting too much of a profit from it. Remember that you’re doing it for fun. You wouldn’t want to end up stressed by financial losses and failures. Therefore, it is better to keep the budget low and enjoy your farming. Expectations may lead you to unnecessary tensions.

  1. Seek for Knowledge

The more you learn, the better you will get. Go through research and read books related to farming. Remember that you’re not taking it up as a profession so a simple and understandable guide is best for tutoring. Search the internet for relevant links and topics.

Seeking information from other farmers is also a great option. Advice from professionals always comes in handy. It will also help you develop a network which will be quite useful if you plan to expand your farm and take it to the next level.

  1. Take Things Seriously

It is a hobby farm but it’s a little more serious than you think. There are living beings relying upon you in your farm. You should designate a time span for your farm. This will not only let you keep your farm updated but also bring more discipline to your life as an individual.

  1. Enjoy your Time

You wouldn’t want to turn your hobby into a rigorous work out. Of course you should take things seriously but the main reason you started farming was that you loved doing it. Never ever eliminate the ‘fun’ element out of your hobby farm. Involving your kids in farming is also a great idea.

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