Healthiest Edible Indoor Plants to Grow


The people in United States have switched to fresher and healthier fruits and vegetables. These

vegetables come from the roof tops, backyards and farms. It tells much about people’s craving for fresh

food which is indeed a good sign.


Many people have started growing their food locally. It works well for them because on one hand it

gives them a chance to have fresh food while on the other hand it saves them time and money from

grocery shopping. There are other numerous advantages of homesteading as well.


Since the world has advanced so much these days, there is no real need to be a farmer in order to plant

vegetables at home. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables indoors without much of a hassle. In

this article, we shall see some of the best vegetables and fruits that you can grow indoors.


Three things Before You Start Planting

There are a few general guidelines that you should follow before you start planting your fruits and

veggies. It will ensure that your plants are healthy and give you the best results.


 Make sure to purchase durable and strong pots because the soil for vegetables is normally


 Some plants grow best in sunlight so allow your plants with maximum sunlight exposure.

 Each plant grows well with a certain potting mix so you should learn about the appropriate

potting mix for your plant and purchase it.


Finally, here are some of the indoor edible plants that you can grow at home:



Carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals because they are roots and grow under the earth. They have

carotenoid which is good for eye sight. Carrots can be grown in a window box. You should ensure

effective drainage and sufficient amount of soil because they grow under the surface of soil/ they grow

best with potting mix rich with humus.



Lemons are energy packets. They are rich in vitamin C. they are good for reduction of inflammation and

have the tendency to fight some of the cancers as well.


You can purchase a dwarf tree from the nursery if you wish to have instant harvesting of lemons. Place

the tree in clay pots which has good drainage. The soil needs good air circulation so you may want to

have a few drainage holes as well. Lemons require regular hydration but make sure not to overfill the

pot with water. Lemons ripe in six months minimum.



Greens are a good source of iron and vitamins. You can have a large variety of green seeds to choose

from. We recommend that you go for different varieties at once. Buy radish, dill and basil seeds for a



Planting is quite simple as you just have to sprinkle the seeds on moistened soil. Add a thin soil layer

over the seeds and mist the soil with a spray bottle. Place your pot where there is ample sunlight

exposure and a reasonable temperature of about 65 degree Fahrenheit.

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