Doing Urban Farming for Profit


Isn’t it amazing doing what you like and making money off it? Many people across the globe are doing just that with urban farming. These new farms are popping across many urban areas and are as small as half an acre. These urban farmers are turning their small crops into profitable business by growing specialty crops. These are crops that are in demand in urban areas and are not easily available. The trend is growing very fast and people are choosing to grow more of these profitable crops.

So what exactly makes specialty crop? It largely depends on your location. You have to do a little research by yourself and determine which crop could be very profitable for your area. Ask yourself, which high value crop is growing increasingly popular among people of your community? Is your farm suitable for growing this crop? Is it going to sell well with the people?

You can find several such crops that qualify as specialty crops. Here are some such crops that are definitely special from all angles:


Do not underestimate garlic at all as it is known for its many uses for thousands of years. Coming from the same family as onions and shallots, garlic also has healing abilities and can fight bacteria. It is a no brainer to choose garlic when it comes to growing a crop that is profitable. Fresh garlic is always in demand and can go for a hefty price. Another great thing about garlic is that you can grow over 10,000 pounds per acre and they are very sturdy crops i.e. they are able to tolerate bad weather.


This crop is used for multiple purposes, from food to flutes. Its edible shoots are widely used in Asian foods and people in America are rediscovering this amazing crop. Like garlic, this too can fight rough climate. Bamboo grows faster than most other crops and is sold for quite a lot of money. A bamboo pot can be sold for over 100 dollars which is much more than what it costs to grow it.

Oyster Mushrooms

This particular crop is incredibly easy to grow. You just have to mix together spawn and straw and keep it in plastic bags. It only takes few weeks to grow and can be grown in doors too with light bulbs around. These mushrooms sell pretty fast because they are not easily available due to their short shelf life. They are not able to survive long transport journey so locally grown fresh oyster mushrooms are always in high demand. With a small area of 100 square feet, you can grow around 3000 pounds a year. You will find many high end restaurants looking for these mushrooms.

Besides these three crops, there are many others that can turn your small garden into a money maker in no time. Although many people start their small farms for themselves but it does not hurt to make some extra money. Your regular crops like tomatoes, chilies etc. are no less either as urban farms are quickly gaining momentum in becoming a source of income for people.

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