Cool Bedding Ideas for Tiny Houses (Part II) 


Space accommodation is quite an issue especially in tiny houses. One can face quite a tough time placing items and things in the house. Then on top of that, there are additional guests and visitors that have come over for a stay, it can be quite a daunting task. However, you need not to worry. We are back with more ideas for tiny houses in the second part of our discussion.Continuing on where we left in our previous edition, here are some more tips and trick for effective and space saving bedding to help you free up space for your guests and kids.

Hovering Bunk Bed

Well it’s not exactly hovering over your common room in your tiny house. This bed can be adjusted anywhere on a good height where there is not much of a business. For example, you can have this bed right on top of your kitchen or the common room etc. 

You just need to find a high spot where you can sleep. Then set up your bed there before you sleep of course. Just ensure that there is enough fencing around the bed so that you don’t fall on the kitchen sink.

Cut Corner Bunk Beds

It happens mostly that the corners of you bed are the only hindrance in keeping them inside the room. Why not cut them off? Well this is one of the more innovative bedding ideas for tiny houses. If you can wipe off the corners, you can have ample space to walk through. 

This idea particularly works well with children and short heighted people. It is applicable for single, double and even triple decker bunk beds.

Bunk Bed Side Windows

Well once you have come up with a bunk bed design, there is more room for innovation. Why not get in a few side windows to enable a better view to the sleeping ones. You can have windows at an optimal height alongside the bunk beds. It will give your room a completely new bedroom like feel. 

From what was previously a simple wasted corner of your tiny house, you will now transform that into a fully functional bedroom with a great view of the outside world.

Dining Area under the Bunk Beds

You can have a dining area within your bedroom. All you require is a bunk bed on either side of the room with enough space between them. Get in an LED screen and it can serve as a perfect party venue inside your tiny house. It will work well as a seating area as well as a conference room for your mobile business.

Curtains for Bunk Beds

To prevent your kids from mosquitoes and other insects, you can also arrange curtains on the sides of your bunk bed. Go for attractive colors in this regards and we suggest you to use nets rather than cloth as they are light and allow considerable amount of light top pass through.

These ideas are workable not only in your tiny homes. In fact, if you have large sized house, you can set an example of space saving by taking these simple ideas into consideration.

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