Cool Bedding Ideas for Tiny Houses (Part I) 


These questions is asked quite often from the home planners and designers. How do I fit in my tiny house with all my children? How do I accommodate guests and visitors? Well, tiny houses do not really offer too much space for additional dwellers so it can be quite a difficult task. However, to help you out, we bring to you some innovative ideas for tiny houses. These ideas really don’t come from examples of other tiny houses. However, these ideas are quite compelling and compatible for tiny houses, especially if you are stuck with bedding issues. Please read on if you are curious about how to create beds that are just a bit more than bunk beds… 

Vertical Folding Beds

Bedding is probably not required during the day time so it is a good idea not to have them at the daytime. Well you don’t need to shift them out of your house every morning because these folding bunk beds are just the right solution to the problem – all you have to do is fold them (vertically) and they are gone! 

It is more suitable for children because they cannot accommodate taller people. You will first need to identify a wall that can hold such beds. If you can make it work, it can save quite a decent space.

Horizontal Folding Beds

These are pretty similar to the vertical ones. It’s just that you will be sleeping along the length of the wall in the beds. Because they are foldable you can get enough space during the daytime. It may even work for taller people because of its scientifically more efficient design.

Triple Decker Bunk Beds

One of the smashing ideas for tiny houses is to feature a triple decker bed or beds. If you can build a double decker, why not go a step further. Make sure that you are using strong enough material to hold three floors. 

Such type of bedding is normally seen in mobile houses and tiny houses. It is quite a space saver especially if you have small children. Accommodate in one side of the room and make them a study area within the remaining space. 

Slide out Beds

This is another way of saving space. You can go for a slide out bunk bed if you like. You can have as many as three or may be four beds lined up together at the daytime. Slide them out when you want to sleep. You can use them as a sofa during the daytime. 

You can make them from wood or may be steel or iron if you like. Your requirements determines the number of floors in your bed.

Sofa Bed

There are a lot of sofa types which can be adjusted in making a double floored bunk bed. These sofas are easily adjustable and you can turn them into beds during the nighttime. Entertain the guests on the sofa during the day and make it their bed if they wish to stay at your house.  

These sofas can bear quite a bit of weight so they are good for both kids and adults.

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