All about planning for your tiny house

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Planning before building your tiny house is crucial. If you plan your tiny house well, it will turn out to be best. Even before you start to think about the design of your house, there are things to deliberate about. You need to assess your everyday activities in your current home. You need to list these things down and then prioritize them. Think about the things you will need in your tiny house to achieve these tasks that you do every day. This will be your first step in planning phase.

Making the Floor Plan

Now, the next stage is to come up with a floor plan. This will not be easy and will take some time as you will need to make adjustments with every plan you make until you get to the one that meets all your needs without compromising the tininess of the house. You can map out the entire floor with a masking tape to get an idea about your floor plan. You will need to consider the wideness of the doors, windows and passageways and the exit and entry points of the house.

It is likely that this process will take time and this is good because you will discover the mistakes in your plan and identify the things you have missed out on. Involve your friends and relatives, ask them for advice. In case you are not able to make floor plans yourself, you can purchase some and compare them against each other and with your requirements of course.

Listing the Materials

Once you have finalized the floor plan and design of your house, you need to list down the material you will need to for the house. In this case, you need to keep your budget in mind. The parts you need and the tools you use should not exceed your budget. In fact, budgeting should be involved in the floor plan too so that you come up with a plan that does not exceed your limit of expense.

Deciding the Order

Now, the next stage of planning is determining the order of the things. You need to ask yourself some questions like where should you start? What is the most important part of the house to you? Which part will take the longest? What impact will a part have on others? Answering these questions will help you a lot in taking a path that ensures speedy build up. Take all the time you need to think about these things in details.

Buying the Materials

You are almost near the building stage because now you need to think about how you will source the materials you need. You need to decide which wood to use and what windows to fix. Some materials might take longer than others so you will need to order them right away. Visit the market and compare prices and see how long it will take to get them delivered.

All of this planning will ensure your tiny house is how you would want it to be. It will also save you a lot of time on making changes and avoiding blunders in the first place.

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