7 Unique & Simple DIY Projects


The DIY movement has taken the internet by storm and really gotten people to get up and get their creativity into motion. From home d├ęcor to designing machines, there are so many avenues for doing things yourself. The trash from your house can be turned into such cool things you never imagined. Here are such simple projects that you can try at home:

  1. Plastic Bottle Planters

This is probably the easiest project on this list and can help you plant your own tomatoes. Simply take a plastic bottle and cut into half. Make two holes at the end of the diameter of the edge you just cut. Take a foot long string and attach its ends to the holes you just made. Fill the bottle with soil and sow seeds in it or a seedling. You can hang it anywhere you like in your house.

  1. Pebble Placemat

These keep your table protected from your hot cup of tea or coffee and look stylish at the same time. Take a piece of cheap synthesized leather sheet and cut a perfect circle, well, as perfect as you can. Find some nice and clean pebbles and using hot glue gun stick them to the sheet you just cut.

  1. Yarn Wrapped Jars

This is an elegant decorative piece that can add romance in the air. Take a small or medium sized glass jar and wind some yarn around it. Do not completely cover it with yarn, just sporadically cover some areas. Now paint the jar with the yarn on with any color you like, but white looks extra elegant. Once it is dried, remove the yarn and place a small candle inside the jar. You have yourself a gorgeous candle stand.

  1. Suitcase Bed

How nice would it be to have a bed for your cat or dog? If you have an old suitcase that you do not use, just take it out and place some fluffy nice pillows. You can also paint or decorate the suitcase if you really want it to be a fancy bed.

  1. Jewelry Hanger

Tired of looking for matching earrings every morning before work? Take a wooden cloth hanger and put some eyelet screws underneath and now you can hang your earrings. With plastic hangers, you can also use string and tie it around the hanger and hang earrings in the string loops.

  1. T-shirt Grocery Bag

Take an old t-shirt and turn it into a bag in no time with just a little sewing. If you have a tank top then it would be even easier. All you have to do is stitch the front and back hem to each other and there you have a grocery bag.

  1. Hat hanger

Take a wooden rod at least five feet long and a wooden base, preferably in rectangular or square shape. Take few hook nails and fix them at equal distance making a spiral around the rod. Now fix the rod onto the base and hang all your hats on this stand. You can place it near the door so you never forget your hat.

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